Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Yadavindra Gardens


Pinjore Gardens

Yadavindra Gardens which was previously known as Pinjore Garden is a 17th
century garden located in Pinjore in Panchkula district near Chandigarh. It is
styled by the majestic mughal architecture and further renovated by Jat Sikh
Rulers of Patiala.


The garden was built in the foothills of himalayas as a summer retreat for
Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The accurate date of the construction is still
unknown. Pinjore garden came under the territory of Maharaja of Patiala during
the 19th century. The Maharaja used this majestic garden to grow roses for the
making of perfume. Maharaja Yadavindra Singh restored the garden to its
former splendour. The garden was renamed after him and is a prime location for
shooting movies.


Yadavindra Gardens

The Yadavindra garden has been laid in seven terraces, with the main gate of
the garden opening into the highest first terrace, which has a palace built in
Rajasthani–Mughal style. The palace on first terrace is called the “Sheesh
Mahal” (palace of glass), which is adjoined by a romantic "Hawa Mahal"
(airy Palace). The palace on second terrace is called the "Rang Mahal"
(painted palace). The third terrace has cypress trees and flowerbeds which
leads to dense groves of fruit trees. The palace on next terrace is called the
"Jal Mahal" (palace of water) with a square fountain bed and a platform to relax.
Fountains and tree groves are laid in the next terrace. The lowermost terrace
has an open-air theatre, which is designed in the shape of disc.



It is a 2 day spring festival of Vaisakhi held in April every year with regional food,
traditional handlooms and handicrafts on offer. Live folk arts and cultural
programmes are also integral events in the festival.


It is 2 day mango fair held every second week of July since 1992 by Haryana
Tourism to celebrate and to promote India’s status as world’s largest producer of
Mangoes by encouraging farmers to adopt technology for increasing production
and quality of them. Hundreds of varieties of mangoes are displayed from
various states of India. The festival comprises mango competition, carts
competition for school students, cultural programmes, crafts bazar, food court
and evening cultural dance programme.

Pinjore Gardens night view


It is a 2 day winter festival held every year in the last week of December
showcasing cultural heritage of the state with performances, dance and music
performances, craft market and food court. The garden is specially decorated
with lights and illuminations.


ISBT 17 -  23 Km

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sector 17 - City Centre

         SECTOR 17 - CITY CENTRE

sector 17 chandigarh

Sector 17 City Centre is a premium tourist attraction of Chandigarh. Also known as Sector 17 Plaza, it is an exotic places for shopping, chilling out with friends and family, an eating hub and a centre of branded showrooms. It is also a place for flash mobs as well as promotional and entertaining events.


Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier designed this sprawling plaza on the European pattern and intended it to be a pedestrian’s paradise. The plaza is located at the heart of Chandigarh and was conceived by Le Corbusier as the hub for shopping and recreation. The plaza has been on top of the list for the tourists in must visit places in Chandigarh. Recently, a multi level parking has been constructed in the plaza as well.


Musical Fountain

The lovely musical fountain has become a sight worth watching. The fountain lits everyone up in the evening and under lights, it gives an amazing view and people enjoy hindi and punjabi songs with their friends and families.

sector 17 chandigarh fountain

Flash Mobs and Musical Events

      Generally flash mobs and social events take place in the weekends when there is a  large gathering of people. Students from the nearby colleges and also employees of different departments organise flash mobs to raise social issues and organise campaigns for awaring people regarding them. Musical events also attract large crowd and majority of them are college students of nearby sectors. Movie promotions also take place in the plaza.


One can find delicious street food as well as dine-in restaurants in Sector 17 plaza of all varieties. But a lot of visitors prefer ice-cream and popcorn while chilling out with friends and families. Some of the major restaurants in the plaza are:

  • Sindhi Sweets
  • Indian Coffee House
  • Hot Millions
  • Sagar Ratna
  • Neelam fast food
  • Berdy’s Chicken
  • Ghazal Restaurant


Sector 17 City Centre is a hub of various showrooms for clothes, accessories, footwear and many more. It is a preferred shopping destination for brand lovers. Following are some of the brands available in the plaza:
  • Woodland
  • Redtape
  • Levi’s Exclusive Store
  • Adidas
  • Peter England
  • Manyavar
  • Amayra Ethnic wear
  • US Polo
And many more……...

Theatre and Multiplex

neelam theatre chandigarh

Sector 17 has 2 cinema theatres i.e. Neelam theatre and TDI Jagat Mall. Neelam theatre is one of the oldest cinemas in Chandigarh and was constructed according to the planning of Le Corbusier. Jagat mall was also a theatre earlier but was remodelled into a multiplex recently with Cinepolis taking over the screens and attracts large crowd for the movie lovers.


There are 2 prominent hotels in Sector 17:

  • The Taj Chandigarh

taj hotel chandigarh

  • Hotel Shivalik View

shivalik view hotel chandigarh

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Elante Mall

                   Elante Mall

elante mall

Elante Mall is a shopping mall in Chandigarh. With area of 1,150,000 sq ft, it
is the second largest shopping mall in Northern India and the eleventh largest
in India.The mall produce their own electricity. It will take 6 hours of black-out
in Chandigarh if the government allows electricity to Elante mall. Elante mall
is spread over an area of 20 acres. It is part of real estate development  
project by Larsen & Toubro called Elante. It has become a popular public 

Features of Elante Mall

Elante Mall has a retail space area of around 1 million square feet. It has 2
main gates, one big gate is on the front entry and another is on the back. The
mall has 3 basement levels, a ground level and three upper levels. Elante  
Mall has retailers of various Indian and international brands, a food court and 
a courtyard of cafes. Elante Mall has 8 screen Multiplex of PVR Cinemas. On
the top floor, the mall has restaurants, fast food joints and Fun City for

Design of Elante Mall

The Elante Mall was Designed by ‘Woodhead’, the popular architectural
firm from Australia. Elante is a place where one can enjoy shopping,
entertainment as well as office spaces – all under one roof.
The design of the mall ensures customer comfort with all facilities and easy
circulation covering a central courtyard, well planned service and utility areas,
both vertical and horizontal circulation and greenery covering both plantation
and horticulture. 40 escalators, 17 elevators, and 2 travelators are installed in
the mall to provide an extra comfort to all customers and staff.
Apart from these facilities, the mall has 16-meter wide aisle spaces, three
separate washrooms per floor and Italian marble flooring on the entire ground
floor. The water fountains at the Elante mall main entry add to the exterior
beauty of the mall.

 elante mall

The Journey till Now

Elante mall has been successful in positioning itself as one-stop-shop and this
has led to the mall being featured on the map of Chandigarh. It has value for
money and premium brands which addresses the need of all the residents of
Chandigarh tricity.
Events, interactive activities and promotions are regularly conducted in the
mall leading to more customer engagement thereby ensuring regular visit by
the citizens. The mall has conducted some popular events like New Year
Celebrations, Christmas Celebrations, Diwali Fiesta, First Anniversary
Celebrations, Kids Carnival and Baisakhi Celebrations. Elante has also
conducted special promotions like Apple iPhone 5S launch, Disney Princess
Academy, Sony Music launch, and other automobile launches. Elante mall  
has also become the first choice for promoting movies for the filmmakers 
because of its vast popularity.

Distance from key locations

ISBT Sector 17 - 5.2 km
ISBT Sector 43 - 7.6 km
Railway Station - 3.3 km
Airport - 17 km
Sukhna Lake - 5 km
Rock Garden - 7.1 km
Rose Garden - 6.3 km
Hyatt Regency - 0.3 km
JW Marriott -  5.8 km
Taj Hotel - 6.6 km

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Capitol Complex

             CAPITOL COMPLEX

Chandigarh Capitol Complex, located in the sector 1 of Chandigarh, is a
government compound designed by the French architect Le Corbusier and is 
a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is spread over an area of 100 acres and is 
a prime manifestation of Chandigarh's majestic architecture. The Capitol 
Complex comprises three buildings, three monuments and a lake, including 
the Legislative Assembly, Secretariat, High Court, Open Hand Monument,
Geometric Hill and Tower of Shadows. It was added in UNESCO World
Heritage Site List in 2016.The Open Hand, the official emblem of 
Chandigarh, signifying the city’s credo of ‘open to give’and 'open to 

chandigarh capitol complex

The High Court

This monument was built in the Capitol Complex during 1951-57. The  
structure of High Court has a double roof, projecting over the office block like a
 parasol or an inverted umbrella. The magnificent outward sweep of the upper 
roof is a symbol of protection and justice to the people. A gigantic egg-crate  
screen covers the building frontage.

chandigarh capitol complex

The Secretariat

The law-executing monument is the largest and tallest of the three buildings in
the Capitol Complex. Built during 1953-59, it is shaped like an eight-storeyed
concrete slab, with its distinctive screen of deeply sculptured two-storey  
balcony in the centre, housing the offices of ministers. The cafeteria rests stop
the terrace is like an art object, which gives a spectacular view of the city.

The Legislative Assembly

The profile of this law-forming monument illustrates stately grandeur. Square 
in plan, with a monumental portico stands free from the main building, it faces 
the High Court. A pyramid covers the upper chamber of the bicameral system 
and offers an exciting counterpoint to the cupola, lending artistic grace to the 
entire complex.

The Open Hand Monument

open hand monument chandigarh

The Open Hand monument most significant monuments planned by Le
Corbusier in Chandigarh. The monument is 85 feet high from a sunken 
trench, a giant hand in metal sheets is designed to rotate "like a weather cock,
not to show the incertitude of ideas, but to show symbolically the direction of  
wind." It is also meant to convey a message of peace "open to receive”.